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Album Review: Let’s Talk Daggers - Blankets

Making a record of very technically precise, chaotic heavy record memorable is tough. Too many times bands rely on unnecessarily flashy musicianship or caricaturish levels of "br00tality" to make their mark on the listener. Not so for Eastbourne based trio Let’s Talk Daggers who in the space of four tracks have crammed in more memorable riffs and toe-tapping beats than they have any right to.

Sounding like Blakfish at their heaviest going toe to toe with a stripped back Rolo Tomassi all played with the laser-guided precision of Protest The Hero, the real strength of 'Blankets' though is it’s variety and unpredictability. Blastbeats one minute then the next an almost swing like riff? This record takes it all in its stride without ever sounding gimmicky. It’s a bit metal, a bit indie, a lot hardcore all delivered with a charming punk rock swagger.

'Blankets' drips with promise from the discordant stomp of opener 'Footnotes' to the lingering feedback of 'Raina' and manages to unwaveringly hold the listeners attention throughout its, admittedly brief, ten-minute length. However with consistency being 'Blankets' greatest asset, the real test will come with a full-length and whether they can hold the listener throughout 10+ tracks. However is 'Blankets' is anything to go by it’ll be a test they’ll pass with flying colours.


'Blankets' by Let's Talk Daggers is available now through Tangled Talk.

Let's Talk Daggers is on MySpace.

Barney Dufton

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