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Album Review: LOST? - Pics Or It Didn't Happen EP

Norfolk-bred LOST? are yet another addition in what looks to continue being a seemingly endless list of pop-punk bands. Let the distinction be made, they don't make pop-punk the New Found Glory, Four Year Strong or Set Your Goals way, but rather the rock conventions-covered pop tunes way.

And certainly that isn't always a bad path to follow as their EP 'Pics Or It Didn't Happen' shows. Opener 'Playboy' is a solid pop-rock song that could be sung on a sunny day packed with full mouthed smiles, but the band don't let themselves sink into clichés too much by showcasing some unexpectedly impressive guitar skills towards the bridge. 'Damn Baby' bears a simple rock riff but is backed by some seriously cheesy dance synths which may or may not contain traces of irony. In any case, the song does succeed in satisfying pop sensibilities with a damn catchy chorus that will no doubt get listeners to bust out some dance moves. And before you know it, they've managed to fit in a solo, which does not go unnoticed and makes for a perfectly decent song.

'Ten Steps To Victory' continues their ascension from their opening to songs with a less generic riff here and more awkward angst than you can fathom before they unleash a chorus that involves enough cheese to fill Switzerland. But seriously, who doesn't like cheese? Sadly 'Heroes & Villains' doesn't live up to the standards of the first three tracks but it's not for lack of trying, the band try and work with a garage rock lick (which is a good one in itself) but the song quickly loses momentum and what it packs in punch and pace it lacks in juice to keep up the excitement. I should point out that the bridge incorporates a few seconds of emotional intensity which did strike me and managed to liven up my feelings for it.

The band decide to close the EP with 'Heartfelt', a piano-driven ballad that is sadly backed by the worst string-imitation synth sound i've ever had the chance to listen to. As much as it represents a healthy change of pace, it also falls into the trap of the stereotype which makes it hard to come across as believable, ultimately defeating its emotional purpose.

In fairness, there are enough pop-punk bands around as it is, but LOST? do have some life, and at least they don't make the genre worse. You will be dancing to these tunes and your pop needs will no doubt be satisfied, but LOST? need to do better if they want to become anyone's favourite new band.


'Pics Or It Didn't Happen EP' by LOST? is available now.

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James Berclaz-Lewis

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