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Album Review: Morning... - The Greatest Feeling In The World

Morning... are a band that, at a glance, don’t quite have the recognition that they perhaps deserve. The New Jersey quintet are out looking to cause a buzz with their second EP ’The Greatest Feeling In The World’. 'Move Your Head’ has all the makings of a great post-rock song. Starting with a totally funked out drum beat, the airy guitars and heart-felt vocals kick in and you’re thrown into a fantastic opener. Followed by, what I’d describe as the albums “anthem”, ‘Business’ is a showcase of the bands raw, visceral emotion.

They set a great pace and you begin to realise that there’s a distinct sound coming from morning... who are seriously starting to make a statement. They’ll both definitely get your head moving (no pun intended.)

‘Mailbox’, in my opinion however, is probably the weakest song on the album. If I’m being honest, it is a good song, but the repeated “doo-doo’s” and twangy lead guitar start to grate after a while. I should imagine that if the band were to release a song commercially, this would be it; I just found myself skipping past it though.

‘Lady Liberty’ and ‘Scaredy-Cat’ bring everything back to the way you’d expect, judging from the massive openers at the beginning of the album; both tracks seem to elevate the mood of the EP and bring back a sense of maturity and elegance ’The Greatest Feeling In The World’ first started with.

The closing tracks ‘October’ and ‘Glamour Shots’ are polar opposites by way of their sound and pretty much encapsulates the feeling of the entire EP. ‘October’ is an incredibly impressive and a thoroughly enjoyable track, with its dark, melancholic tone and well written composition, it’s certainly a direction that works for the band. Their musical style and distinctive lead vocals really work, giving it a sound which feels a lot like Brand New crossed with mewithoutyou! All this and the fact that the lyrics are exceptionally poetic and clearly very personal make this my favourite track.

There’s nothing more to say at the end other than you are elevated once again with ‘Glamour Shots’. You’re given a simple but suitable, upbeat ending to an album that is one of the most intriguing productions of this year.

Like I just said, ‘The Greatest Feeling In The World’ is certainly one of the more interesting releases of this year and shows a great deal of promise from a relatively young band. This is a really great album to get your teeth into and is a worthy addition to anyone’s music collection.


'The Greatest Feeling In The World' by Morning... is available now through Bandcamp.

Sandeep Dawett

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