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Album Review: Pacer - No. 1

In an age where every punk band seems to think they need keys, strings, and who knows what else to stay relevant, Pacer keeps the punk rock simple, which in this listener’s mind is a good thing. “No. 1” is an EP that will satisfy the punk fan’s desire for some good old fashion punk music.

“No. 1” opens with the excellent ‘Circles Around A Square’, a straight ahead punk song that grabs the listener’s attention and won’t let go. Another highlight is ‘Rediscovering The Telephone’, a simple, almost pop-punk song that is about as catchy as anything this listener has heard this year.

The true gem on “No. 1” is ‘Pasternak’, a jam that is two and a half minutes of melodic punk heaven. It’s the perfect blend of punk sensibility and pop punk sheen. ‘Lonely Critics’ will dispel any beliefs that Pacer is a pop-punk band, though. It’s a fast-paced, one minute track that’s probably the weakest on “No. 1”.

Fans enjoy it when hearing a song instantly brings back a fond memory, and so does this listener. Pacer did that exact thing the instant this listener pushed play.


'No. 1' by Pacer is available now through Chunksaah Records

Pacer on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Pacer on Twitter:!/wearepacer

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