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Album Review: Suns - Close Calls In The U.S. Space Program/The Howl And The Many

Close Calls In The U.S. Space Program

The slow tempo and atmospheric beginning to ‘Little Horn’ immediately sends shivers down your spine. It’s hard to describe but it’s like Arcade Fire mixed with Brand New mixed with a bit of Mogwai... if that makes any sense whatsoever! There is such an eclectic mix of sounds in the first track alone, it’s hard to put a finger on whether it’s familiar or not; and that’s the beauty of the EP, you can’t pigeon-hole these guys, what they’ve created is something totally different.

There is a slight change of pace for ‘You Are On’ where there is a more of an upbeat tempo and as a decidedly “indie” feel about it. In saying that, the composition is far superior to anything of that genre, adding interesting synth and glockenspiel effects (amongst a myriad of others) that really make the song stand out.

‘Small Parts of Something Much Larger’ and ‘Bright Lights’ all have a familiar ambience about them. Slowing the pace of the EP almost to a halt, you find yourself immersed in the beautiful tones of their instruments and the exquisite vocals/vocal effects all add to the whole encounter.

Listening to ‘Close Calls In The U.S. Space Program’ is such an incredibly uplifting experience and with the closing track ‘Don’t Do It’, that recurring theme is honoured at the end. This is a track of absolute raw emotion and encapsulates the image of the band perfectly.


The Howl And The Many

There is a recurring theme throughout both EPs of driving drum beats complimenting the dark and moody guitar pieces, none more so than in the second opening track ‘Everything Changes’ which sees Suns at their best.

I would say the same about ‘Orange Peels’ because the beginning is of similar style, however, half-way through the song, the pace and tone completely change and you’re left completely dumbstruck! It’s a brilliant effect where the songs mood rises and falls throughout; the band seems to take you on a journey and you’re left completely immersed by what they have to offer.

Closing ‘The Howl And The Many’ are two tracks of equal brilliance. Though the penultimate track ‘Gladys’ is more of a slow paced, introspective piece, there is a distinct contrast between that and the closing track ‘Four Winds’, however both prove to be a showcase of exceptionally sophisticated musicianship and brilliant song-writing. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every minute of both EP’s, they’re interesting, different and, dare I say, genius; I honestly think that that these belong in everyones CD collection.


'Close Calls In The U.S. Space Program/The Howl And The Many' by Suns is available now.

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