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Album Review: Weezer - Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition)

For any band with a lengthy discography, their fan base always have their favourite album by that band, for example some Beatles fans prefer 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', whilst others prefer 'Revolver'. A more recent argument could be that Jimmy Eat World's 'Clarity' and 'Bleed American' are both held in high regard by their fans. For Weezer fans, the bands self-titled 'Blue' album and 'Pinkteron' are often stated the bands best output. (For me it's always been the 'Blue' album.)

For those Weezer fans they've been treated pretty well lately, along with this deluxe edition of the 1996 album, Weezer released 'Hurley' in September and a rarities collection, 'Death To False Metal' will be released at the same time of this record.

This deluxe edition has plenty to offer for both new and old fans. For the new ones, you're given the chance to hear the original album in full, one which expanded on the bands alt-rock style with the Pixies-esque 'Tired of Sex' and the upbeat 'The Good Life'. Whilst 'Getchoo' hints at the bands later straight-up rock output.

As a fan 'Pinkerton' was not as favourable on first listen as was the 'Blue' album, however after a few listens you can't help but appreciate it as this some of the bands best songwriting with 'El Scorcho' and 'Pink Triangle' being two of the stand out tracks. As a collection its (nearly) on par with its predecessor and deserves all the praise it has received since its initial release.

For older fans you're treated to plenty of unreleased and live material. 'You Gave Your Love To Be Softly' is Weezer through and through. Whilst 'Waiting On You' fits in with Weezer's style at that time, it dosn't quite match the standard of the main album and 'I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams' surprises with its female-lead vocals with Rivers Cuomo only chipping the occasional line. 'I Swear It's True' is made up of thick riffs and "woah-oh-oh"'s all going along at a somewhat sluggish pace, however its one of the better unreleased tracks here.

The second disc is really for older fans (the die hard fans) as its mostly made up of 'Pinkerton' acoustic radio sessions and live tracks (from Reading 1996). Whilst tracks like 'El Scorcho' and 'Pink Triangle' are great songs, after hearing it 3 times (including the orignal version) in one listening, they soon start to grate. Whilst the previously unreleased 'Getting Up And Leaving' is worth checking out, as its your typical favourable Weezer track; not too "mainstream" but not too "DIY".

There is a lot of content to get through here (over two hours worth) but with patience, you can really appreciate 'Pinkteron' and a band who some may say were at their pick during that period, as it is a record that ultimately avoided any commercial pressure and saw a band take full control of its direction, which would eventual lead it to being a cult classic and would go on to influence many bands. 'Pinkerton' (Deluxe Edition) gives fans to re-live and/or discover a classic.

The original album alone should be given a five out of five, however the weight of extras somewhat spoils the delxue edition by including various versions of some tracks one too many times.


'Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition)' by Weezer is released on November 2nd through Geffen Records.

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Sean Reid

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