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Interview: A Day To Remember

Alter The Press recently caught up with A Day To Remember guitarist, Neil Westfall for a brief interview, prior to the release of their highly anticipated new album, 'What Separates Me From You'.

Neil spoke to ATP about: album number four, working with Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) and producer Andrew Wade again, their new single 'All I Want' and more.

Alter The Press: Most bands take a break at the end of an album cycle, especially after non-stop touring around the world. What made you want to dive straight into the new record?
Neil Westfall (guitar): Instead of breaking we felt like it made more sense to go directly into the studio. We didn't want to lose the momentum from all the touring. Also when you’re in A Day To Remember, the word 'break' isn't in your vocab. You have to make the most of the little bit of time you have.

ATP: You've only recently finished work on 'What Separates Me From You', over a month before the release. Was this just to prevent the album from leaking?
Neil: No, we had finished writing some of the songs only a few days before tracking. That was just the way it happened.

ATP: Was the majority of the album written whilst on tour or in the studio?
Neil: I would say the majority was written while we were on tour. We finished the last few songs when we were back home with Tom (Denney) and Chad (Gilbert).

ATP: The cliché question. Where did the name of the album come from?
Neil: It is kinda the general theme of the record. Separating your self from your peers and really coming into your own.

ATP: How was it working with Chad Gilbert and Andrew Wade again (both worked on the band's last album, 'Homesick')?
Neil: Amazing! Chad really gets what we are trying to do with our sound. He can help with every aspect of A Day To Remember; pop and heavy. As for Andrew, he has been apart of almost everything we have ever done recording wise. He is like a sixth member of our band. He really understands what we are going for when it comes to tones and our sound.

ATP: Did you feel any pressure on yourselves after the success of 'Homesick'?
Neil: There will always be pressure but when you get to work with all your best friends and the team we had, I think it makes it a lot easier to deal with.

ATP: What made you choose 'All I Want' as the first single?
Neil: It was the perfect fit. It was a great transition song from homesick while introducing the world to 'What Separates Me From You'.

ATP: How would you describe the new album from previous releases?
Neil: Grown up. Just taking our influences and using them in different ways. It is everything you would expect and a little more. Oh and Kevin Skaff's (lead guitarist) beautiful voice too.

ATP: What are your personal favorites from the record?
Neil: I am so used to the working titles of everything I don't know the real names of the tracks. So I will just say the numbers of the tracks: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9. So basically, I love the whole thing.

ATP: When are you going to start shooting the video for 'All I Want'? Do you have an idea of what people can expect from it?
Neil: We are going to be shooting it at the end of October. You can expect to see a lot of familiar faces.

ATP: You've recently announced a b-market US tour. What's the plan after that?

Neil: After the b-market tour we are going to be heading back to OZ for the 'No Sleep Till...' tour then Christmas (which is my birthday).

ATP: Thanks Neil. Look forward to seeing you in 2011! Is there anything else you would like to add?
Neil: Go pick up 'What Separates Me From You' on November 16th and never wear whitie tighties! Ever! Unless you like having more skid marks than the Daytona 500. Also, go and find that one guy you really hate and kick him in the nuts.

ATP: Just to let you know, since we last met, the UK has seen the rise of Mexican restaurants opening but still no word on that indoor beach (in previous interviews Neil has stated the UK needs an indoor beach and more Mexican restaurants.)
Neil: It makes me like going to the UK like 200 times more now! I am so excited to eat something other than Nandos (Portuguese restaurant chain) and McDonalds while I am aboard. The indoor beach will happen one day. I am going to set up a meeting with the Queen and get the ball rolling.

'What Separates Me From You' is out November 16th on Victory Records.

- Jon Ableson

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