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Interview: Directions

Derby-based indie noise punksters, Directions have been keeping themselves busy, with four releases planned for the coming months. Recently signed to the ever-expanding City of Gold Records, the quartet's sound is reminiscent of Crime In Stereo and Brand New and they will be unleashing a new 7" at the turn of the year, before several split releases including one with Philadalphia's Bearings.

Alter The Press recently spoke to guitarist/vocalist James Pye about the bands plans, joining up with City of Gold, their influences, the Derby music scene and more.

Alter The Press: Tell us how the band got together?
Directions: Well, after mine and Adam's old band split up, we decided we kind of wanted to do something a bit different musically, so we asked our buddy Ryan, who used to sing in a band called Almost Home, if he wanted to start something and it kinda sprung from there. We have had a few member changes in the time we have been together. We parted ways with Ryan and I jumped onto vocals. It's took us some time to get back onto our feet but It's been a good learning curve.

ATP: For those who are unfamiliar with Directions. How would you describe your sound?
Directions: That's a tough one because people say we sound like a lot different bands. All we have ever wanted to sound like is Brand New. But I'd say if people are into Small Brown Bike, Crime In Stereo then they should be into our sound. We're just making music we want to hear and if people like it, that's a huge bonus.

ATP: What bands have influenced Directions' sound?
Directions: Brand New have a major influence on everything we write. As well as As Cities Burn and Manchester Orchestra. We all have bands that we are influenced by, But recently a lot of emo and punk stuff, like Cap n Jazz, American Football, Mineral, Braid, Jawbreaker, Small Brown Bike and The Casket Lottery. Joy Division and The Smiths are also big influences of ours even though its not apparent.

ATP: You've recently signed with City of Gold Records (Man Overboard/Basement/Starters). How did the deal come about?
Directions: Well, we contacted Adrian (from City of Gold Records) when we recorded some songs last December. So after we recorded 'Dreamer', we sent him the track and he loved it. He's an awesome guy and is doing a great thing for the scene. We can't thank him enough for putting out our small bands record.

ATP: I hear you have two releases planned. First of all what can fans expect from your forthcoming 7" EP?
Directions: If people are into 'Dreamer' then they should be into it. We have progressed a hugh amount since our first demo, but I think people who are into those songs can still like the new stuff.

ATP: You're also releasing a split EP with Bearings. How did that split happen?
Directions: Adam (Gent - bassist) heard them and he showed them to me and I loved there sound, so I just dropped them a message and they replied straight away and loved the idea. The split is coming out in the UK on City Of Gold and in the US on Either/Or Records. We are actually going to be touring the split, when they come over to the UK next year.

ATP: Your MySpace also states you have split CD releases planned with Shakey Hands and These Waves. What can you tell us about these?
Directions: Well, These Waves are our best mates! We share a practice room with them, and we always throw around the idea that we should cover each others songs. So we're going to do a 2 song split. I'm not sure when that's going to happen but it definitely will soon.

The Shakey Hands split is our pal Callum. He writes some amazing acoustic tunes. If you're a Mike Kinsella fan, then you'll love him. The split with him will be 'Dreamer' and one of his songs. We will put this out ourselves as soon as possible, maybe on tape and CD.

ATP: Do you have plans for a full-length?
Directions: Yeah, definitely. Hopefully we'll start recording it next summer.

ATP: What is the music scene like in Derby? I understand the Derby DIY Collective promoters put on a few shows.
Directions: For punk and hardcore shows its not so good. It's mostly shitty metal bands, which sucks. Rob and Dean from Derby DIY are amazing though. They have put on some sweet shows, and have a lot of good stuff coming soon.

ATP: What is a typical Directions show like?
Directions: We don't like to talk much on stage. We normally have lots of feedback between songs and jam things out. Kids seem to really enjoy it though. I would much rather talk to someone about us on a one to one level, rather than talking to a crowd cause I'm a pretty shy guy (haha).

ATP: What can we expect from Directions in the coming months?
Directions: Playing as many shows as we can. The 7" will hopefully be out December/January and it's called 'Deplore'. The split with Bearings will be out in March.

ATP: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Directions: Check out Derby DIY Collective, These Waves, Shakey Hands, Almost Home, Landscapes, Crash Of Rhinos, Bearings, Adorno, and Carry The Torch.

Directions on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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