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Interview: Foxy Shazam

Whilst on their previous trip overseas, Alter The Press sat down with Foxy Shazam front man, Eric Sean Nally, to speak about the band's new self-titled album, signing to Sire Records, 'Unstoppable' being featured on the 2010 Superbowl and more.

Alter The Press: How is it, to be back in the UK?
Eric Sean Nally (vocals): It's awesome. This trip has been a little less comfortable for us, because, usually, we have a little flat we go to in Kensington (place in London.) This time, we've been going all over the place, as we're staying in a hotel by the airport. There is nothing to eat around there and it's pretty rough. I didn't realize how lucky we had it, until we were at a Travelodge by Heathrow, but I love England. The UK is just awesome for us.

ATP: How was it last time, supporting Hole?
Eric: It was great. I like being associated with people that have a rich history and she (Courtney Love) is someone who does. I always tell people that the 'rock star' is becoming a dying breed; they are becoming extinct and you don't see them too often. She is definitely one of the last rock stars. She is a part of our management too, so we have mutual friends. We did a big tour with her in the US, which was awesome.

ATP: Alternative Press describes you as a cross between My Chemical Romance and Queen. Do you agree with that?
Eric: No. Not at all. I feel like people say we sound like Queen a lot, because I can imagine we have similar influences like, I love the theatre, but there is a big difference between me and Freddy Mercury, because I'm not fucking dead! My Chemical Romance is a great band though. I love them. I don't see any resemblance to our music though, but whatever. It's all good with me.

ATP: How would you describe your sound?
Eric: I can't really describe it, and that's what I love about it. I don't know. The things that influence me are like, I love Elton John, Van Morrison, but then, we have so many influences. For me, I hear it as being just, Foxy Shazam. I think every band wants to be unique but everyone will always compare you to something.

ATP: The self-titled album has been out for over three months. Besides being the best charting album release for the band, how would you say the overall response has been, compared to your previous releases?
Eric: Our initial goal is to go down in history as one of the biggest bands in the world. I know we are a long way from that, and it's definitely going to take a while, but we're not going to give up until we do. What I like about this band, is that we always go step-by-step, we never jump ahead, or stand still; it's always a gradual process for us. This album is just the next perfect step for us in that direction. If you listen to our albums, you can hear us going level-by-level.

ATP: How did you end up signing to Sire Records?
Eric: The guy who did our record, was John Feldman (front man of Goldfinger/produced Good Charlotte, The Used.) He was interested in the band, came to see us, and we heard through the grapevine that he came out to see a show and loved it. He was associated with Warner at that point, so he put it in their ear and things went from there. They are a great label.

ATP: The track 'Unstoppable' was featured in this year's Super Bowl. Was this a surprise for the band, or did you know it was going to happen?
Eric: When we wrote that song, I knew it would be perfect for something like that. Whether it's the World Cup, Wembley or the Super Bowl. For a song to get that type of slot, before the album is even out, is when your mom knows you're doing something right. She doesn't get the whole music world, but when we were on the Super Bowl, she knew we were on to something. As soon as it happened, I got like a thousand phone calls.

ATP: How did it come together?
Eric: I don't know. I guess the label pitched it to the Super Bowl people and they liked it.

ATP: Is it true that copies were distributed to ticket holders in the parking lot afterwards?
Eric: I don't know. A few people said they found them on the parking lot. I think they were little singles of the song. I think they got passed out like flyers.

ATP: Also, Foxy Shazam were featured on Chat Routlette?
Eric: Yeah. We were one of the first bands to use that as a tool for promoting our record. It was cool to be part of something that hasn't been done before. I didn't know too much about the site before we were part of it, but it was someone's idea at the label, which was great. It was a great idea and they really helped out.

ATP: What's the plan after the festival circuit?
Eric: We go to Atlanta and film a video for 'Unstoppable.’ Then we are doing a show at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for their 17th anniversary.

- Jon Ableson

The band tour the UK next month:

1st - Manchester Night and Day Café
2nd - Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
3rd - Leeds Cockpit
4th - Birmingham HMV Institute
5th - Club Metropolis @ Bristol Louisiana
6th - Sheffield Leadmill
7th - Glasgow King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
8th - London Borderline

'Foxy Shazam' is released in the UK on October 25th.

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