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Single Review: Football, etc. - Away Game/XXL 7"

Imagine if Sunny Day Real Estate was fronted by a female vocalist, because plain and simple that is exactly what Football, etc. sound like. However this isn't a bad thing, as this 7" shows, 'Away Game' sees Lindsay's vocals melt on top of the bands 90's emo sound, and when mixed with their delicate guitar sounds, it creates a bright, uplifting feel.

Whilst 'XXL' begins more lively before settling into a comforting, laid back style, one which suits the band perfectly well. Its simplicity enables the band to subtly produce a dynamic structure, that is intriguing yet sticks to their roots.

Personally I think bands like Football, etc. are great. Admittedly the 90's emo style is somewhat dated, but its nostalgic feel is warming and admirable. As this 7" once again shows this trio has the talent to be a strong part of the resurgence of the genre. Let's hope a full-length is in the works, as I'm interested to see what they do next.


'Away Game/XXL 7"' by Football, Etc. can be pre-ordered from the bands online store here.

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