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Single Review: Orphan Boy - Some Frontier

Manchester's Orphan Boy's latest single, 'Some Frontier' is one of more the better tracks from the bands 'Passion, Pain and Loyalty' album. It's bright, invigorating and upbeat as the swirling guitar provides a base for the bands indie style, that sticks to their city's origins and Rob Cross' passionate vocals add an extra bit of life to the track, which isn't quite as instant as you may think.

Nonetheless 'Some Frontier' should give the band more attention, as their brand of "Britpop" influenced indie is slowly making a resurgence. Whilst Orphan Boy may not be the front runners in this, but if they keep producing tracks like this, they will be standing out in the crowd.


'Some Frontier' by Orphan Boy is available now on Concrete Recordings.

Orphan Boy on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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