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Album Review: Make Me King - The Whisper Is A Hint

I'll admit the whole UK pop-rock is gradually becoming a bit stale in some parts, however Make Me King leave a big impression on 'The Whisper Is A Hint', its five catchy gems that sees the band deliver plenty of hooks.

'If You Can't Be Good, Don't Get Caught' quickly set the pace with its bouncy rhythm, hand claps and clean production. Whilst Sean Marshall's vocals stand out the most here. 'Every Truth Or Dare' sees MMK showing a slightly edgier side but keep that pop-punk side to them, as the chorus is made up of a swinging tempo and superb guitar work.

The title track is next with pounding drums that lead up to an exuberant chorus. Whilst it may not sound anything different from the norm, Make Me King definitely know how to produce good pop-punk/rock tunes. Nevertheless the stand out track comes in the form of 'Brand New' with its feel-good chorus, "woah-oh's" and a tight-knit sound that sees the band work so well together. Add to that a bright, addictive chorus and you're left with one of the highlights.

'Wake The World' closes the EP and starts off with calm guitars providing a backdrop to Marshall's strong vocals, which eventually builds to a radiant explosion at just past the two minute mark. A bouncy rhythm and passionate vocals manage to end this EP on a high, as MMK have the ability to stand out from the crowd.

'The Whisper Is A Hint' is a consistent, strong début, although the obvious comparison to You Me At Six is at times unavoidable. However Make Me King's ability to keep the listeners attention and produce instantly favourable songs, enables them to leave a very good impression and one that leaves you interested to see what the Preston five-piece do next.


'The Whisper Is A Hint' by Make Me King is available now on Riot Pop.

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Sean Reid

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