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Album Review: Middle Class Rut - No Name No Colour

Middle Class Rut or MC Rut as they sometimes chose to be monikered, are a two-piece rock band from Sacremento, California. As modelled so well by Winnebago Deal in the past, two-piece groups are able to compete well with other more numerously membered bands, and Middle Class Rut don’t fair too badly with their full-on brand of Jane’s Addiction-lite rock. 'No Name No Colour' represents a début album of sorts, despite the band putting out regular releases since 2006. A culmination of their EPs with a few extra tracks, 'No Name No Colour', sounds surprisingly cohesive despite it’s origins.

‘Busy Bein’ Born’ is the first track to come blasting from the speakers, and shortly identifies the sound of Middle Class Rut. Rhythmic and repetitive guitar loops are back by bombastic drum beats, with Zack Lopez’s sneering drawl lacing the two together. ‘USA’ and ‘I Guess You Could Say’ are little gems that are vaguely reminiscent of latter-day Green Day, with catchy choruses and big hooks.

There is also an underlying lyrical theme throughout the album, the struggles of middle class life. The monotony of suburbia and a general struggle to make ends meet seem to be ongoing reference points; ‘One Debt Away’ being a prime example. Where the band really shine is the odd occasion where they stray from the formula.

‘Are You On Your Way’ is epic and grandiose, taking elements that wouldn’t sound out of place on tracks by Kings Of Leon or Thirty Seconds To Mars and putting them to good use. Closer ‘Cornbred’ sets Lopez’s Beastie Boys-esque growl to good use at a slower more southern tempo. Where the band fall down is the fact that there is not enough variation, and although the initial blows that come with ‘Busy Bein’ Born’ are exciting after 10 tracks of similar sounding stuff you are bored.

'No Name No Color' is a steady album of rock tunes, with a few outstanding moments. However were my younger cousin to choose this over say an album by Alter Bridge or any other safe commercial rock, I would be more than pleased.


'No Name No Colour' by Middle Class Rut is released on November 22nd on Bright Antenna.

Middle Class Rut on MySpace and Twitter.

Dan Issitt

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