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Album Review: Stay Ahead Of The Weather - We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna

With members of Into It. Over It., Castavet and Native making up the numbers and being backed by No Sleep Records, Stay Ahead Of The Weather already has a solid base to build upon, and that's before they launch into this 5-track wonder that is 'We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna'. Kicking off with the Moneen-esq 'Get Old Or Die Tryin'; subtle driving midwest pop-punk mixed with a straight-up rock tone that is instant and has you wanting more. The bands earthly guitars mix in well with their reasonable melodies that pour plenty of positivity.

'Impressions & Impressing People' keeps up the momentum and although there isn't a change in style, this dosen't deter the bands ability, if anything the feel-good style and craftsmanship gives the band a radiant side. Whilst the stand out line of "Your not punk, and I'm telling everyone." cleverly shows the bands ability to write a memorable hook.

'Sorority Social Suicide' and 'No Sleep Till Humboldt' reminds me Piebald (or someone like them - I'm not sure) and keeps up the consistency with a healthy mix of indie rock and pop-punk, as throughout they refrain from bursting into full-blast, distorted pop-punk mode. Instead they opt for a well-paced and well-structured style, that is warming and at times, refreshing.

Closing with 'Butchering A Back Catalog' is in the same vain, although subtle twangling guitar lines, thriving drum work and the occasional gang vocal shows a slight change variation but its still a track that ends up making this EP faultless.

At the end of the day Stay Ahead Of The Weather are just four friends who wanted to have fun and enjoy playing music together. 'We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna' is evident of this and they have used their experience to their best of their ability. Unlike some "side-projects", they haven't abandon their origins and whilst some may complain certain ideas are "recycled" from their other projects, you can't resent a great record when it is just that, great. Five slices of perfect indie pop-punk without the pointless fat.


'We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna' by Stay Ahead Of The Weather is released on December 7th through No Sleep Records.

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Sean Reid

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