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Album Review: This Is Not Revolution Rock - Compilation 1

You can’t beat a good compilation. How many of you were raised on Punk-O-Rama’s, SideOneDummy Records Warped Tour compilations and Short Music for Short People? Quite a few I would imagine. The charm of having as many bands as physically possibly crammed onto a CD linked loosely by genre or geography all for a (usually) bargain low price is and always will be an essential for music fans everywhere.

'This Is Not Revolution Rock #1' is a worthy addition to the compilation world. All the bands on here are loosely linked by area, namely all being from around the Kingston/Surrey area. This geographical connection means that musical some of the tunes here are quite disparate but this only adds to the charm of these 18 tracks. This comp touches base with widdly instrumentals with Suffer Like G Did, bombastic pop-rock from Freeze The Atalntic and twee acoustic ditties delivered charm by Katie Malco.

Shockingly enough the quality remains consistently high throughout, despite the genre hopping nature that is inherent to most releases of this type. Sure everything might not be to my taste but credit must go to 'This Is Not Revolution Rock' for curating such a stellar body of work. I suppose credit must also go to Kingston/Surrey for fostering so much good music, so well done Kingston! Not quite sure who I send the card and novelty cheque to but you get the picture. All I can really say is it’s a quid or something stupid like that so go buy, now.


1. Suffer Like G Did - Big Golden Capital A
2. Tangled Hair - Just Like That
3. Anison - Spatial Awareness
4. Freeze The Atlantic - Feather In A Hurricane
5. Gin Panic - Science
6. Silent Front - Moving Hands
7. Our Lost Infantry - Spectacle Of The Scaffold
8. Cats And Cats And Cats - A Boy Called Haunts
9. Katie Malco - For Just One Minute There
10. Matt Emery - Re-Tired Superhero
11. Ex Libras - Underachiever
12. Quiet Choir - Echo
13. - Bite It
14. Stagecoach - We Got Tazers!
15. The Siegfried Sassoon - Muscle Beach
16. Hold Your Horse Is - Broken Sound
17. Tubelord - The Death Of A Digital Alarm Clock
18. The Fez - Robot Song

'Compilation #1' by This Is Not Revolution Rock is available now for £2 and can be purchased here.

Barney Dufton

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