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Album Review: Thousand Watt Stare - Thousand Watt Stare

Remember the huge hype around Dave Grohl’s Them Crooked Vultures? Remember what a disappointment they were? Well, Thousand Watt Stare are what they should have sounded like, despite this EP being recorded in just a day. Heavily influenced by bands such as QOTSA and The Clash, this EP is a classic bit of vintage rock.

Kicking off the EP with ‘Downsider’, Thousand Watt Stare get right down to the catchy and melodic rock that they seem to do so well. The vocals are powerful and are not far from Dave Grohl himself, even if they do sound a bit forced and nasal in parts. ‘Lights Out’ sounds like it could have been the B-side to London Calling, but continues with the catchy chorus and memorable hooks like the previous track. The guitar and bass lines aren’t the most original things ever, but who needs them to be ground breaking when you’ve got such inventive lyrics?

‘Rust’ is not as strong as the previous songs. This track soon becomes repetitive and is easy to ignore when there are much better songs on the record. Unlike the other tracks, it isn’t as passionate and feels rushed. And as nice as the guitar solo is, it’s a bit unnecessary. A slow starter, ‘Shine’ feels much darker than the rest of the EP. The throaty, growling vocals are what keeps this song afloat and make it an unforgettable track.

‘Bad Heart’ brings back the melodic guitar and lighter vocals from the first few tracks, and it’s a welcome change. Another guitar solo, but it blends perfectly with the rest of the track. Short and sweet, it’s over before you’ve fully digested it. ‘TV Casualty’ is the sixth and final track. It’s a huge contrast to the rest of the album since it is so much more punk influenced, with group vocals and simple, continuous guitar riffs. It’s actually a very refreshing and works brilliantly as the last track. The only downside it the talking in the background, it’s annoying and draws away from the quality of the song.

Overall, Thousand Watt Stare have made an above average EP, borderlining on brilliant. It’s different to what you normally hear from bands today, and their vintage rock will stand out from the crowd. It’s well worth a listen and it’s going to be well worth keeping an eye out for a full-length album from the trio. If they managed to make this in a day, imagine what they could do in a fortnight.


'Thousand Watt Stare' by Thousand Watt Stare is released through Hardline Entertainment on November 16th.

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Blaise Ruston

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