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Album Review: Weezer - Death To False Metal

Rarities collections, for the most part, could be considered throwaway releases although they normally have one or two tracks where you question why the band haven't released them before and Weezer's 'Death To False Metal' is no different. Opening with 'Turn Up The Radio' is Weezer being their harmless pop-rock selves with a feel-good vibe and is on par with their recent 'Memories' single, you can't help but enjoy it. Whereas 'I Don’t Want Your Loving', 'Odd Couple' and 'Trampoline' manage to leave a favourable impression, as Weezer make good use of their pop sensibilities but don't alienate their rock side.

Elsewhere 'Blowin’ My Stack' and 'Everyone' is your standard straight-up rock that the band, with the latter mixing a slight grunge sound with distorted riffs. However the Motown-esq 'I’m A Robot' makes you realise why some of the material on here is unreleased, whilst it is piano-led number its not the Weezer we all know and love. 'Auto-Pilot' sees the band entering electro-rock territory with subtle electronic beeps complimenting spiky guitars, whilst its slightly different its not surprising and pretty passable. Whereas the bands take on Toni Braxton's 'Un-Break My Heart' is rather tounge-in-cheek and can be taken with a grain in salt. It's not terrible or that it should be ignored, it just brings a disappointing close to an album which pretty decent.

'Death To False Metal' is better than most rarities releases, and I'd go as far as possibly choosing this over the 'Pinkerton' deluxe edition, as this once again shows Rivers Cuomo and Co's great songwriting ability, as their skill of being able to (slightly) change their style but at the same do not alientate listeners. Of course for new fans this isn't the ideal Weezer release to begin with, but for fans of the band, this is worth giving a chance.


'Death To False Metal' by Weezer is available now on Geffen.

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Sean Reid

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