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Album Review: What Now - Take Control

I'll admit What Now exceeded my expectations, as after a few listens 'Take Control' leaves you hooked with tracks like 'Toy Soliders' producing a sense of slick, grand pop-rock. Vocalists Tyron Layley and Ryan Morris compliment each other well and both have presence and confidence, which adds to the openers inspiring sound.

Whereas 'Move On' sees the South African trio taking a page out of 30 Seconds To Mars' book, with an atmospheric US radio rock sound. Whilst the comparison is somewhat easy to make, they still manage to keep up the momentum. 'Giving In To You' will please fans of All Time Low etc. As its upbeat, pop-rock style is similar of the latter but could be considered the weakest track on here. In a similar fashion 'Run', to an extent, fails to live up the EP's early promising start.

Nevertheless for a short, introduction EP, 'Take Control' is a solid collection and a highly promising start, as the band have good consistency and despite their subtle flaws, they manage to keep your attention from start to finish. We'll class as this one as "to keep an eye out for in 2011".


'Take Control' by What Now is available now through Yoyo Acapulco.

What Now on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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