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Arthur (ft. Members of MxPx) Announce New Album

Arthur, featuring past and present members of MxPx, will release their new album 'Watch The Years Crawl By' on December 6th through Rock City Recording Company.

On the same day the band will be digitally releasing their old 'Loneliness Is Bliss' EP.

'Watch The Years Crawl By' Track Listing:

1. Cold Outside
2. America
3. Be Still My Heart
4. Heartache
5. Tuck You In
6. To Have And To Hold
7. Tie Me To You
8. Thought A Lot
9. Outside Of The Blue
10. Fortissimo
11. You Bring Me To My Knees
12. I Still Haven’t Reached You

'Loneliness Is Bliss' EP Track Listing:
1. Thought A Lot
2. Self Evaluation
3. Birthday Party
4. Friday, April 6th
5. All My Life
6. Amazingly True

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