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Closure In Moscow Announce Drummer and Bassist Departure

Closure In Moscow have announced the departure of bassist Brad Kimber and drummer Beau McKee.

The band released the following message:

"A lot of you are asking why Brad and Beau are not in the latest video released. To clear things up, as of a few months ago, Brad Kimber and Beau McKee are no longer members of Closure In Moscow.

Brad departed from the band in the hopes of pursuing a future in the United States with his dearest fiancee.

In the case of Beau; after years of playing and travelling together it became apparent that he was, unfortunately, not the right fit for CIM and our plans for the future.

These two gents are still and will always be close friends and we wish them the best in all future endeavours. For the future, Salvatore Aidone will be replacing Beau as CIM’s new drummer – a relationship which is already working out incredibly. We can’t wait for you all to see (and of course hear) him in action. Our bass position is currently being filled for shows by close friends, of which Joshua Collard is kindly helping us out on our current tour of Japan. We hope to have news of the new bassist soon. Stay tuned.

With all the changes, it’s an exciting era for Closure In Moscow and we have a lot of grand plans up our sleeve."

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