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Handguns Involved In Van Accident

Handguns were involved in a van accident over the weekend.

Details of the incident can be read by clicking read more.

"So here is what happened. I took the turn of an off ramp to fast and went off the road maybe a foot or so? just as my luck would have it a foot off the road there was a giant rock. i drove right over it blowing out both passenger side tires and breaking both of the rims. Some how I also picked up this long chain link fence type thing that wrapped itself around the drive train. Yep I am an idiot. I hit the rock pretty hard and I am pretty sure I bent the frame and tour off a control arm for the front end. The van is now at the shop. Details to come……

So here is whats up. We aren’t going to miss any shows we are going to figure it our ie (share cabs with other bands ect ect). AND since I lost our bank bag with our cash in it. The band is flat broke. We made 97$ at our show last night. And I gave ALL of it to the tow truck driver (who wanted 110$ I still owe him 13$) I am going to try my hardest to find a full time job between now and when we leave for the next tour. ( the day after Christmas )

So here is how you can help. We are broke and best case we are going to have to pay for a bunch of repairs to the van. If you would like to help you can….

Buy Anywhere But Home -

Buy a shirt -

Donate to pay pal -

OR I am a graphic designer I will do stuff for you or your band or your club at school for super cheap. Hell I’ll write and record you a song if you want ( say anything style ) just email me.

This is not the end of the band this is just a bump in the road. We love all of you and can’t wait to see you soon. Nothing that comes easy is worth having. And the victory is always in the struggle.


Alter The Press!