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Mark Hoppus Posts New Blog (Blink-182 Studio Update)

A new studio update from Mark Hoppus can be read by clicking read more.

"I’ve been seriously remiss these past couple of weeks in keeping up with the studio updates. Apologies for that. The good news is that it’s because we’ve been busy with new songs and ideas, and some tracks are very near complete. In rough terms, I’d say we’re working with the better part of ten or so songs at this point. There’s still a long to way to go before the album is done, but already it seems like the songs are both taking a step even further than we took on the last album, while also going back to the sound of some of the earlier albums. And the ideas keep coming. Yesterday I worked on the basics of an uptempo, catchy progression; kind of in the vein of Wendy Clear or Going Away to College. We’ll see how it comes together… The Americana, country-type song that I’ve written about before is now in its third incarnation, and I think it gets better with every change. Can’t wait till Travis plays drums on it and it goes to a whole different level. One track that is pretty much done is an idea that Tom started, and we added a bunch of stuff, changed some things, and then Travis put down a beat that blew the doors off the whole thing. SO GOOD!! I guess it’s really pointless to WRITE about creating music, you’ll hear it for yourselves soon enough and make your own judgements. Suffice it to say that we’re well on our way and all very excited.

Today we did a photo shoot at the studio with our friend Lisa Johnson for an upcoming piece in Kerrang magazine, I tracked some bass, and we worked on the arrangement of one of the songs.

And finally, the best news in this post. We have a date for the completion of the album. We want to deliver the record in April or May, for release very soon afterward. That’s our goal. That’s what we’re all working toward. That being said, the only thing more important to us than getting the record out in that time is getting a GREAT record out. If it isn’t absolutely ready at that point, we’ll keep working until it is. But that’s the plan. Everything is starting to coalesce, and it’s very exciting to begin the next chapter of blink-182."

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