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Yellowcard Finish Work On New Album + New Blog

Yellowcard have finished work on their forthcoming new album.

Front man Ryan Key posted the following blog:

"November 8th, 2010 will be the day that I finished recording my 5th full length record with Yellowcard. It was March of 2000 when I was asked to join the band as the new singer. We spent the next couple months working on some songs I had from my band in college, and also writing some new ones. We recorded our first 4 song EP in May and were signed to Lobster Records by July. Somehow I talked the band into moving out to California on a wing and a prayer. I think at that point our biggest goal was to become a main stage band on the Vans Warped Tour. My first full length with the band, One For the Kids came out in February of 2001. I was 21 years old. The next 7 years of my life would take me on the most insane ride I could have ever imagined. In 2008, after 8 straight years on the road and 3 more records under our belts, we decided to take a break. The future of the band was very uncertain at that point. I don't think any of us knew when, if at all, we would be working together again. Two years later we started the conversation about making a new record. I think our first meeting was in February of this year. It was extremely hard to keep it quiet that we were writing songs until August 2nd when we announced that we would be making a new record. Now here we are. The record is finished. The road to this point has been so challenging at times. There have been so many unbelievable moments that exceeding every dream I ever had, and there have been times where I have felt completely lost and thought I would never recover. But Yellowcard has always brought me recovery. There is a feeling of gratefulness that can't really be explained when I think about the fact that when I wake up every day, my job is one that I love. The five of us poured our hearts into this new record. I will always remember the feeling I had when I sang the last note today. I am so proud of us. I am so thankful for all of you and your support which allows us to keep doing this thing that we love so much. Its a few more months before the album comes out, but it will be worth the wait. Thanks for reading. Thanks for everything.

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