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Album Review: Delta Sleep - Delta Sleep EP

Math rockers Delta Sleep have waited two years to release this debut EP on Box Social Records since forming in 2008. But it feels worth the wait, its complex and ever-changing which makes this EP far from your standard math release.

‘I (Heart) Savlon’ delivers everything you’ve asked for with mellow complex math rhythms that are hard to get your head around but not willing to dwell on this, the 8 minute track builds its tempo. Teasing you into a false sense of security before it finally changes up and brings with it vocals which you’re not exactly expecting, but they are simple and work really well. Then come the shouts and screams which open the track up midway through but something you get used to is, this band never settle on anything, making long songs feel like a series of separate tracks, but that structurally work well.

‘Amorous Feelings Of Beach’ is instrumental but again is on edge with off kilter guitars but in a sense is more straight forward with mellow, melodic riffs which midway through step up and you begin to get the picture of what Delta Sleep do. It’s the slow build of tracks that make this release so good. ‘The Stamp’ brings with it the use of electronics that played out the first track; they work really well adding yet another layer to the sound.

‘Hey I Know A Guy Called George White’ at 9 minutes long is another treat of whimsical structure and some, dare I say the word, funky rhythms with vocals that make their second appearance on the EP. Which really makes this track complete, and offer a good balance between instrumental and vocals with the added scream just to keep you on your toes, but again you’re never quite sure of where the track is heading as it winds down and picks back up in various sections. The last couple of minutes play out with a male voice; reminiscent of Tall Ships' ‘Words Are Pegs Upon Which We Hang Ideas’ use of film voice over.

It’s always exciting when you listen to an EP that chops and changes, you never feel complacent with what’s being delivered and you still manage to find little details on every new listen. This, with the fact that Delta Sleep are bloody good is enough reason to go out and buy this EP.


'Delta Sleep EP' by Delta Sleep is available now through Box Social Records.

Delta Sleep on MySpace and Facebook.

Connor O’Brien

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