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Jonathan Diener From The Swellers Posts Blog Regarding Paramore

Jonathan Diener of The Swellers has posted a blog in regards to Josh and Zac Farro's recent departure from Paramore.

"Here’s the bottom line. Young people with talent from different circles came together, and Hayley being the one with her parents backing her/management/whatever… everyone was too young (like Josh said) to really understand what was going on and the music industry monster began to take its course.

When we were on tour with the band it was Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor who hung out with us and embraced us with open arms. We knew the history of the relationships, etc. We saw the division, who was having fun on stage and off. It was very clear. They didn’t act like nothing was wrong, they’re human. You can’t just hide emotions. The lyrics on the record are about all of it. You’re living with people who you may not get along with, or see the world differently from, or just have a different path in mind. Add growing popularity, management, labels, and money into the situation and its bound to blow at some point.

The reason things, personal and business things, were kept secret were simple: why scare fans to thinking something was wrong? Why let them know every specific detail of a contract, a lineup change, etc. There’s no need for fans to know about that stuff. Our band has had around 6 lineup changes. We’ve been on two record labels and on the first it was only Nick and I on the contract. People didn’t know, but again it didn’t matter. Everyone in Paramore was doing well, their shows were selling out, and from what I’ve seen it wasn’t one person making all of the money while the rest lived in poverty.

The brothers are incredibly talented musicians, and we didn’t get to know them too well, but it seemed like they were the ones who wanted to stay away from interviews, or webchats, or anything extra curricular for the band.. like opportunities to expand and get their fingers in things like magazine spreads, etc. They just wanted to play music and it seemed like that was it. That’s why the release came as a shock and I’m sure everyone in all camps are confused and freaking out.

The band is Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy now. They’re great people who just want to have fun and play music. Josh and Zac can continue their musical/life endeavors however they want and have 100% of the control if that’s what they’re looking for, hopefully having a better time with it. Leaving a band in my eyes means leaving all together. Like I said, we’ve had it happen to us several times. In the meantime all of the 7 years of work won’t stop and Paramore will keep going. They’re not these weird machine made freaks, they’re normal people. I’ve driven around with them, ate at Denny’s or went to tiny shows and watched bands with them. Just make sure you take a breather and think before you decide on turning your back on something you loved for so long."

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