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Man Overboard UK Tour Blog - Day 3 (Glasgow)

Justin Collier of Man Overboard checks in from their current Alter The Press sponsored UK tour and tells us what went down when the band hit Glasgow, Scotland.

So after waking up at those strangers houses we hit some McDonalds and got on the road. We left early because we heard the roads from Manchester to Glasgow were bad. Turns out they were fine and everyone except Juri (our driver) slept the entire time. Gooood sleep. I made some copies of flyers for the upcoming Bearings/Directions tour (my roommates are in Bearings) and George and I got some Starbucks (over priced). Show started - Wolves At Heart and Departures opened it up. Departures are some sad melodic British type hardcore - that is my favorite kind so I loved it. More than Life is a favorite of mine so it was up my ally.

Our set was INSANE. Definitely one of my favorite shows of the year. Kids freaked out and we play a ton of songs. we play like a 13 song set then added in 'Decemberism' (which we've never played before) and 'I Like You'. Good times! Thanks for coming out, buying merch, hanging out, etc.... Thanks to Christine (kiki) for having us at her flat and letting me use her Wi-Fi right now. On to Leeds tomorrow!!!

The Alter The Press! sponsored tour will be landing in the following cities:

10 - Leeds, UK @ The Well
11 - Kingston, UK @ The Fighting Cocks
12 - Dublin, UK @ The Pint
13 - Birmingham, UK @ The Flapper and Firkin
14 - Canterbury, UK @ Chantry Social Club

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