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Now, Now Keyboardist Leaves Band

Now, Now keyboardist, Britty Hale has announced she has left the band so she can go back to school.

Britty made the following statement:

"so i feel like i should maybe say this now.

recently i have decided to go back to school, which means i am no longer playing with now, now. it was the most ridiculously hard decision i have ever made and i am horrible at making deisions. the most indecisive human, that is me. i will miss doing it very much, i have the most fun the past few years playing shows and traveling all over and being able to do that with my best friends everrrrr. but i think i have made the right decision that will be the best for me and make me completely happy with what im doing with my life. im very excited about going back to school. i hope i get to take lots of notes. i love taking notes. its the best. seriously. haha. i suppose that is all.

love brittyyy"

Alter The Press!