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Single Review: Kyoto Drive - So Much Alive/Chapters

Kyoto Drive are an Alter The Press! Pick for 2011 and this two song single shows exactly why, filled with catchy hooks and even catchier vocals, this Birmingham pop rock lot, look set to make next year their own.

'Chapters' does take a little while to get going, but once it does it’s worth the wait, as soon as the chorus kicks in you’ll find the melody embedded in your head, and you’ll soon be singing along. From there on in, there is a constant motion to the song that just doesn’t let up and before you know it you’re finished and looking for more.

Luckily, the other song on this single, 'So Much Alive' is much more instant with a storming intro, keeping the momentum going that 'Chapters' maintained, that being said, the chorus is very similar to that of its predecessor, so it could be accused of being a bit samey.

All in all, despite some similarities to the two songs, the potential in Kyoto Drive is there for everyone to see, the kids will lap this up and anyone with even a vague interest in pop rock will too.


'So Much Alive/Chapters' by Kyoto Drive is available now as a free download here.

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Chris Marshman

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