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Tides Of Men begin Searching For New Vocalist After Tillian Pearson Departs

Tides of Men vocalist Tilian Pearson has announced his departure from the band.

The have posted the following statement and have begun searching for a replacement.

"Hello All,
Tides Of Man has parted ways with our singer Tilian. He has a thing in another band that he is pursuing, and we wish him luck.

We have been Tides Of Man now for exactly three years! We have had a lot of amazing experiences and love from our fans. We put out two albums we are very proud of and have traveled the U.S. many times over the past year and met tons of amazing people along the way. The joy it gives us is beyond anything, and we (Spencer, Alan and Josh) have no intentions of stopping now. We WILL continue making music for you and more people to come. Our studio is now set up so that we can start writing, practicing and making new music (yes we will most likely play old stuff too at shows).

With that said, we are now in the market for a new singer. If you would like to try out for this, or want to help, you can email us at with anything (youtube videos, demos information, and any other material).

Some basic guidelines for what we are looking for are:
-Lives or can live in Florida near us
-Can sing our old songs as well as write new songs/lyrics
-Knows some music theory
-Preferably plays another instrument well (keys, guitar)
-Dedicated and loyal
Has a stylish, and clean appearance"

Alter The Press!