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Tilian Pearson Comments on Tides of Men Departure and Interest In Joining Saosin

Former Tides of Men vocalist Tilian Pearson has posted a statement regarding his exit from the band and his interest to become the new vocalist for Saosin.

In addition Saosin's Justin Shekoski has confirmed through the bands message board of Pearson's interest.

Both Pearson's statement and Shekoski's forum post can be viewed by clicking read more.

Tilian Pearson statement:

"For the record, I didn't quit Tides Of Man. I expressed interest in pursuing the open spot in Saosin to the guys in Tides. The reactions were mixed, and I got kicked out of the band. They didn't want a singer/leader to be in the band with that kind of doubt in his mind. Though I don't like it, I respect their decision. In a more perfect world I would have had full trust and support from my friends in Tides and would've been able to pursue the open spot in Saosin, and possibly stay in both bands (this all would depend on whether it even worked out with Saosin in the first place).

As of now, I have never even met a member of Saosin. We got connected up months ago from a member of Oh, Sleeper. I have recorded a demo and, so far, a couple of the guys said they loved it and that it has potential. I didn't hear from the other two. They could hate it for all I know or could be completely indifferent. From what I have gathered each member has a totally different opinion regarding me so far. I am meeting up with all of them in January and we will see how it goes from there. I think it could potentially turn into something amazing, or it could turn into nothing.

The future is completely uncertain for me, but it is fucking exciting and I am grateful for the position I am in. All I can say is nothing is going to stop me, and I am confident that, if necessary, I will be able to start with absolutely nothing to create a brand new project that will blow away anything I have been a part of in the past."

Justin Shekosk's Saosin forum post:

"Here's the truth, since I can't stand rumors. Tilian has been hitting us up. A lot. It looks like he wants the job pretty badly if he would quit his band. BUT....the REALITY is we haven't even met the guy in person. Everybody is talking about step #54 (joining the band). When we haven't even taken care of step #2 (actually meeting).

The next thing on the To-Do list is rehearsing songs that we have already released. We will record the session. Which is a great test for a singer just because of the pressure factor. Also it's a great way for us to hear what he sounds like in a "band" setting. We've done this with everyone that we have considered for the position.

January is the set time for step #2. Wish us luck, We are going to need it."

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