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The Word Alive Bassist Departs and Search For Replacement Begins

The Word Alive's bassist Nick Urlacher has announced his departure from the band.

Urlacher posted the following message:

"This is hard to start off. What are the right words to say goodbye to a family of friends, family and fans who have changed your life for the last 3 years of your life? A simple goodbye wouldn't suffice. Yet a long drawn out one would be too much.
I've decided to leave The Word Alive my friends. This decision doesn't come easy, by any means of the word..."

The band have begun looking for a replacement.


1. Must be over 18. (Preferably 21+)
2. Previous national touring experience with national band.
3. Can sing or scream back-ups confidently.
4. Passport.
5. Be able to tour full time.
6. Be able to play the "Deceiver" and "Empire" cd.
7. Professional gear or means to get some upon joining.
8. Strong work ethic and willingness to sacrifice.
9. NO druggies or alcoholics, we like to have a good time but work comes first.
10. It's a plus if you have experience driving a van/trailer.
11. When you write an email please include why you'd like to join TWA.
Send your emails to

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