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Album Review: Boy Jumps Ship - Engines EP

There are several aspects Boy Jumps Ship shares with recent Scottish sensation Twin Atlantic. First and foremost, both are genuinely exciting bands coming out of a new wave of British alternative rock which is getting more and more exciting every time. Moreover, both bands' recordings have been blessed a surprisingly polished production that only sharpen their respective sounds. On January 24th, Boy Jumps Ship release their new EP 'Engines'.

First track 'We Won't Burn Out' opens with sensational power, offering a style somewhere between alt-rock licks and post-hardcore riffing that is sure to speak to a wide range of listeners. The band deliver their first chorus, a hook-based stomper that is sure to rip amps apart on a live stage and is only a taster of things to come. Taken as a whole, the track isn't very challenging, but proves an efficient alt-rock single. 'The Ocean' is essentially more of the same but with more jagged rhythms and gang vocals. Again Boy Jumps Ship offer a powerhouse of a chorus that suggests the ability to summon earthquakes.

However likely to produce destructive catastrophes, the opening two tracks cannot be described as particularly inventive offerings, and that's when the two closing tracks come in. One one hand, we have 'Don't Be A Stranger' that kicks off with danceable claps and beats before unleashing an exciting riff. The song just feels more urgent, an element highlighted by the range of ideas and rhythmic efforts. On the other hand, we have 'Seize The Day', arguably the strongest song on the EP, where musicianship shines yet again as the band avoid repeated instrumental patterns by producing angular guitar sections that keep the song entertaining and relevant.

The Newcastle outfit are not to be ignored. Their sound is blessed with the power to tear down cities which should be enough to entice all you alt-rock lovers out there. Hopefully, we can expect more good things from these lads.


'Engines' EP by Boy Jumps Ship is released on 24th January.

Listen to 'Engines' EP by Boy Jumps Ship in full here.

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James Berclaz-Lewis

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