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Album Review: Miracle Max - Self-Absorbed EP

Seattle may be the birthplace of grunge but it seems pop-punk has infiltrated every single section of America. Newcomers Miracle Max have come up with their own take in a genre that barely needs more content, and released their EP ‘Self-Absorbed’ with one objective: take a bite out of New Found Glory’s audience.

Opener ‘Learn To Love It’ sounds like something Four Year Strong would’ve written a few years ago with a noticeable synth laden over some poppy riffs. Vocally though, Miracle Max show a knack for effective harmonies and produce a chorus that’s bigger than one might at first realize. The track makes for a dance-y enjoyable ride and, more importantly, sounds fresh. ‘The Last Nice Thing I Ever Said About You’ shows the same rhythmic ambitions and shows some colourful ideas amongst the blink-182esque nonchalance. The chorus flows effortlessly and one might even distinguish a few glimpses of a melodic eye here and there.

Sadly, that’s where it ends. ‘Get Ouf Of My Head’ takes the same elements but becomes generic and isn’t helped by what is a very predictable chorus. They try something punkier on ‘8-Biter’ but sound strained and uncomfortable. Similarly, ‘Flying Down The Road’ isn’t a memorable one either.

Don’t get me wrong, Miracle Max do have potential, however they need to spend more time coming up with exciting tracks like the two opening tracks here, and filter the lesser ones out. If they do, then some of the signs here show they could do well.


'Self-Absorbed EP' by Miracle Max is available now on Bandcamp.

Miracle Max on Purevolume.

James Berclaz-Lewis

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