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Album Review: Seahaven - The Acoustic Sessions EP

Released last year, Seahaven debuted their 'Ghost' EP which was a perfect blend of post-punk mixed with indie sensibilities. 'The Acoustic Sessions EP' is a complete contrast to what the well received first EP was. The remnants of the fuzzy riff to 'Bottled' are now a lush acoustic tone with panned bright chords being strummed. The mixing, done by Erol Ulug, creates an intimate setting which makes you feel as if the band is in the same room as you.

Despite the distinctive tones of the acoustic guitar, 'Plague' still manages to sound as sludgy as the original song. The vocals of the lead singer create a grungy effect, especially during the rusty opening lines of the song which are complimented by well thought out lyrics; "Satan sleeps inside my brain and when he wakes he takes me far away. He takes me to this place, that I completely hate, where I’m a prisoner in my own body."

The closing ballad on the 'Ghost' EP; ''Head in the Sand (Blinding Son)' manages to convey so much more emotion in this version, the opening drums of this song are replaced by a dampened guitar acting as percussion. The lead singer's voice cracks within the first few minutes of the song which just go to show the passion that was put into singing it. 'Goodnight' is a song that I hope to be recorded for the new album, despite being only a demo, it could easily be translated into an adrenaline fueled fist pumper.

Essentially, this EP shows a different side to Seahaven, a calmer and a much more morose side to Seahaven who usually play loud, obnoxious music. It'd be brilliant if there was at least one song on their new album which was similar to this EP. If you haven't already heard it then I reccomend picking up their first EP.


'The Acoustic Sessions' EP by Seahaven is availble now through Bandcamp and Big Cartel.

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