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Album Review: The Young International - The Young International

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, The Young International have already created a real buzz about their name, and now, they’re here with their eagerly anticipated debut, self-titled EP.

‘Ruckus’ is the opener and sets the album off at a great pace. As the bands’ first single you’d expect something pretty significant and this track certainly fits the bill; with its upbeat rhythm and incredibly catchy melody, this song epitomises what an exciting pop song should sound like and will definitely have you on your feet, or at the very least, pressing repeat about 100 times.

The following track ‘Gravity’ is a little different; much slower in pace, it sounds a lot more like an indie rock track than a pop hit and is a heartfelt showcase of the bands song-writing ability and leads seamlessly into ‘Say Goodbye To The Sun’ which adopts a similar formula, however, that catchy pop sound seems to creep through and you’ll probably find yourself singing along without realising.

That easy listening, slow paced feel continues throughout the rest of the EP, which is a stark contrast to the opener, but to be honest, every track seems to flow and compliment each other and gives you something pretty interesting to listen to.

Closing with ‘Shadowboxing’ and ‘Straight Line’, the EP ends on a high. With some thumping drums and some melodic guitar, you’re once again given something to sing along to, but the beauty of these tracks (along with the rest of the EP) is that you can just sit back, listen and enjoy; one thing’s for sure, this confident end shows The Young International to be an incredibly talented and versatile bunch.

The band seem to focus on creating a sound that has a whole host of influences thrown into the mix; whether it’s an upbeat pop anthem or a mellow indie track, the compositions matched with some great vocals create something pretty unique and something that you’ll keep coming back to time and time again; these guys are certainly something to look out for in the future.


'The Young International' EP by The Young International is released on February 1st.

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Sandeep Dawett

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