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The Dangerous Summer Post Statement Regarding Drummer's Departure

The Dangerous Summer have posted a statement regarding the recent news of Tyler Minsberg announcing his departure from the band.

"Dear everyone in the world,

We were going to wait till christmas to tell you, but the bubble popped. We are no longer playing with Tyler Minsberg. He was one of the best drummers I had known, and had always known him since elementary school. I wish the absolute best for him in everything he does in the future. I hope he sticks with music more than anything. I think moral differences and musical barriers were being established. I feel it’s important to choose very carefully who you surround yourself with, and more importantly who you pour your heart out with. I hope our fans hold Tyler very dear to their hearts, he will always be a part of what built something great. As for the future of our band, we haven’t stopped. As soon as Tyler departed we focused on just finishing this record. Spencer Peterson (Hidden in Plain View, Black Cards) flew up a little bit ago and wrote all of the parts for the new album. He is a drummer we have looked up to for a very long time, and I have no doubt that you guys will be very happy with the results. We have yet to decide whether we would like to even permanently replace Tyler. Everything happens for a reason, and we as a band will always be working day and night to make the art that we have been developing for years.

AJ "

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