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Exclusive Studio Blog: This Years Winner Is

As part of our new Studio Blogs feature, Alter The Press has teamed up with Isle of Man's This Years Winner Is. The pop-punk group are set to begin recording their début album, 'In At The Weekend' this Monday (January 17th).

The band will be producing regular studio blogs and videos, exclusively for the site. In addition the band are looking for shows to promote the album.

Before the band head into the studio, they gave us the following message.

This Years Winner Is Studio Blog No. 1

'Hi guys!
We're just checking in for the first time before the whole process gets rolling! We're all so stoked to get this album out, it's been a long time coming, and we feel these are the best songs that we could physically write. We're all super proud of the songs and can't wait to hear what Nick's gonna do with them. We're going to put together a video diary every day (big thanks for the ATP guys) and keep you all involved in the process!

You'll hear from us all again on Monday night/Tuesday morning, take care .

With love
El, Ben, Stu, Ethan & Darren

This Years Winner Is on MySpace and Facebook.

This Years Winner Is are looking for shows,
Laurence Crookall: +447624246245
Ben Wilde: +447624419065

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