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Exclusive Studio Blog: This Years Winner Is

As part of our new Studio Blogs feature, Alter The Press has teamed up with Isle of Man's This Years Winner Is for a series of exclusive studio blogs.

This week the band begin recording their début album, 'In At The Weekend'. The band's second blog sees the band leaving the Isle of Man and heading to Scotland.

This Years Winner Is Studio Blog No. 2

Day one of our journey to Scotland to record our debut album has certainly been eventful as per usual! We woke up early this morning, hopped into our trusty steed, then we took a four hour boat journey to the asshole of the United Kingdom and now, we are currently high rolling it down motorways at ridiculous speeds! Antics so far have been plentiful, and we have found out how hard it is to be in a van for hours on end when you need the toilet... bad times!

Luckily the van is kitted out, so we are watching films to save our sanity!

Today we will meet up with our good friend and music producer Nick Scholey of NS Productions and lay the guide tracks for the album, have a few beers and have everything ready for our drummer Darren to start his drums tomorrow!

Mood of the band: Seriously seriously stoked!


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