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Exclusive Studio Blog: This Years Winner Is

As part of our new Studio Blogs feature, Alter The Press has teamed up with Isle of Man's This Years Winner Is for a series of exclusive studio blogs.

Part four of the series sees the band covering days three and four in the studio, where work on the guitars takes shape.

This Years Winner Is Studio Blog No. 4

Day 3

Today we were scheduled to do the bass but it made more sense to do the guitars, so today it will be Ben’s turn to put his bit on the recordings.

We woke up rather late this afternoon! We had to stay up all night completing the drums till about 6 this morning! But they are now completed.

Also today we found out how mentally insane our music producer Nick Scholey (NS Productions) really is, so at some stage during the recording process we will dedicate a whole day of written blog and video blog to this maniac.

Fun Facts: Doing the dishes to Of Mice & Men makes life a hell of a lot easier!

Band Mood: Refreshed and ready to rumble.

Day 4

Guitars are still the flavour of the day, with Ben doing the main lead bits to the last 4 songs. Last night was a very late one, with us getting through 3 songs till the sun rose this morning. Day 4 has been giving to the man that can only be described as "Boss", Nick Scholey (producer.)

Throughout today we will be showing you the man behind the scenes who secretly loves us, but treats us like puppies. Check out Nick just being Nick on our video blog!

Band mood: Sauce

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