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Mayday Parade To Begin Pre-Production

Mayday Parade have announced they will begin pre-production on their new album soon.

The band posted the following blog:

"Hey guys,

I tried to make a video blog for this but for some reason my audio wouldn’t work but the video part would. Being that I don’t know any sign language, I’m resorting to writing what I was going to tell you in a blog.

Things are great where we are. The weather could be better but I can’t complain. We’re down at the beach near Panacea, Florida writing for our new record which is currently untitled. We’ve got 9 songs that the band currently knows how to play and more in the the vault that still need to be learned. We head into the studio to start Pre-production on February 1st in Atlanta, Georgia with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount. They are the guys who produced our first release, A Lesson In Romantics. For those of you who don’t know what Pre-pro is, it’s where we sit down with our producers Zack and Ken and we rework the songs until they are perfect and ready to record. Sometimes songs can change completely in Pre-pro and sometimes only small changes are made. We’re all stoked on the material we have and we’re all looking forward to getting it to you asap but unfortunately we don’t have a release date quite yet. That won’t happen until after the record is finished.

We’re all really excited for Soundwave Festival in Australia which is at the end of February. We haven’t been over there in a few years now and we’re so ready to have a great time with all of you in the summer heat! That’s about all the info I’ve got but I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully next time it’ll be in a video blog. haha

Love you guys and thank you for this amazing journey we’ve been on so far and for what’s to come!"

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