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New Dr. Acula Album Track Listing and New Song

A new song from Dr. Acula, 'Cocaine Avalanche' can be heard by clicking read more.

The band have also released the track listing for their new album, 'Slander' which is released on February 15th through Victory.

1. Clinger (STAGE 5)
2. Fire Crotch (The Venereal Van Ride)
3. Welcome To Camp Nightmare
4. Currently Sexting
5. Cocain Avalance
6. Song Before The Song
7. Pure and Immature (Goon)
8. Who You Gonna Call?!
9. All Work, No Play
10. Slander
11. Slampig (...And Then The Bitch)
12. Party 2.0
13. The Big Sleep

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