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Single Review: Darko - Never Coming Home/Chewbacca Defence

Darkos brand of Melodic Skate Punk takes two distinctive turns in this digital 7” single, first song, 'Never Coming Home', to put it quite simply is annoying, for all the good work the catchy chorus does, the ridiculous bridge and repetitive outro completely undo it, why this was chosen as the proper single from this is beyond me, especially when 'Chewbacca Defence' is clearly the better song by a country mile.

'Chewbacca Defence' starts with a bang, the gruff vocals actually work and don’t stink of desperation like in the previous song. 'Chewbacca Defence' has a clear influence from the likes of Rise Against, the verses are fast paced, the chorus huge and the bridge gives the song a hint of atmosphere, the kind of one that even sitting alone in your bedroom you’re more than likely to go absolutely mental to.

Overall, as with a lot of single reviews I feel, this again is a massive case of being split down the middle by the two songs, I really want to reiterate that I do think that 'Chewbacca Defence' is outstanding, but I can honestly say that if I listen to 'Never Coming Home' again, it’ll be too soon.


'Never Coming Home/Chewbacca Defence' by Darko is available now through Bandcamp.

Chris Marshman

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