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We The Kings Studio Update

We The Kings have posted an update from their first day in the studio.

Frontman Travis Clark posted the following:

"I like walking around the streets of New York City to hear what people have to say. As I left the studio with our producer to grab a rug for the drum set to sit on from K-Mart, we passed a man who looked at us and out of nowhere said, “when darkness comes, the lesbians will begin to feed.” All we could do was laugh and ask WTF he was talking about. I knew at this moment that we are about to make the best record in We The Kings’ history haha….

Started with drums today and finished ‘Kiss Me Last,’ ‘Rock Steady,’ ‘The Secret To New York,’ and ‘Over You.’

So far everything sounds amazing and with each and every piece of recorded music I get more and more excited to show you all."

Alter The Press!