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Album Review: Make Them Suffer - Lord of Woe EP

Make Them Suffer have been making a name for themselves in their native home of Perth in Western Australia with their mix of deathcore, black metal and death metal. Support slots with some of the metal scenes top bands; The Acacia Strain, The Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me and Unearth among others, the Aussie metallers are definitely a band set to become a big success.

‘Summoning Storms’ starts off the EP with what can only be described as an eerie, end of the world sound. Full on death metal beats and guitar riffs dominate the song with flowing but not dominating keyboards in the background give the song an essence of grandeur. Full bloodied breakdowns at two minutes in layered over the top of visceral vocals work perfectly in the song.

Starting off with full on death metal blast beats, EP title track ‘Lord of Woe’ is a fast paced affair with the song taking turns to blast out some death metal beats with catchy guitar riffs. Twinkling keys in the background are fast and definitely give the song that different feel you wouldn’t hear in other keyboard dominated metal bands.

The EP’s next two songs ‘The Eternal Cold’ and ‘Affliction of the Dead’ are both pumped full of hate and brutality with punishing drum beats throughout with both songs riddled with keys. The onslaught of fast paced guitar riffs and the variation of vocals of death metal growls and black metal squeals work so well. When listening to these songs you can’t not bang your head along to them their just sonically brutal and epic.

At nearly seven minutes long the EP ends on the song ‘Weeping Wastelands’ which really showcases every aspect of what the band can really do. From brutal blast beats going into a fast paced coupled drum beat with an almost suspense killing piano sound which doesn’t over power the song. The song goes back and forth between the suspense feel and the full on deathcore breakdowns. Ending on a massive breakdown and a guitar riff that is so simple but effective it finishes the EP perfectly.

Make Them Suffer are a perfect mix of The Black Dahlia Murder meets Bleeding Through and Whitechapel. From the bile ridden vocals on the EP that are spat out with raw emotion, to the truly full on brutal blast beats, fast guitar riffs and symphonic keys they have made a truly stunning EP. A full length album from Make Them Suffer would truly see them become a force to be reckoned with, preparations to assault the shores of Europe have been made and they are definitely a band to keep your eye on.


‘Lord of Woe’ EP by Make Them Suffer is available from the bands web store now and on all major digital outlets on March 28th.

Make Them Suffer on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Aaron Wilson

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