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Album Review: Spring Offensive - Between Me and You EP

After the release of the 14 minute mega single that was their last single ‘The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters’ Spring Offensive are back with ‘Between Me and You’, a stripped back acoustic EP released for just one week with an honesty box style payment service where paying £4 would get your name on the physical release of their next single ‘A Stutter and a Start’, being released in April.

The EP crackles into a rousing piano with first track ‘Bail Out’ before Lucas Whitworth's vocal takes hold, if you have admired his voice before then this track will cement your feelings towards it. Its Spring Offensive stripped back to their bare bones but with the same power and intensity. ‘To Burn or Build With’ introduces a plucked melodic acoustic guitar that builds into expertly crafted harmonies and teasing crescendos that come in short waves before easing off into dark emotive outcries of “swallow me down” which play out the track.

Next single 'A Stutter and a Start' picks up the tempo and lifts the EP, still holding the emotional undertones and the stunning song writing that Spring Offensive do so well. Older track 'A Let Down' makes a stripped back appearance and draws you into another enthralling story, the lyrics alone are enough to engross you but the real power is in the way the track dips and dives from eerie whispers to almost shouts and a great backing vocal with the familiar group vocals that they use so well to create beautiful harmonies.

‘Between Me and You’ ends the EP as simply and eloquently as it begun, with a piano and some strings delicately topped with a simple group vocal which delivers a haunting end to a stunning EP. The true beauty of their song writing shines through on this release, to be able to entangle a listener within a narrative is something many bands wish they could do, which Spring Offensive do so well. Sadly this release is no longer available and if you don’t own it then you need to have some stern words with yourself. A stunning release from a band that delivers something fresh with every release, many bands could learn a thing or two from these lads. I just look forward to seeing my name on the next single.


'Between Me and You EP' by Spring Offensive is no longer available.

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Connor O’Brien

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