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Exclusive Song Stream: This Years Winner Is... - When In Rome

Following on from their recent studio blog, Alter The Press! is proud to premier the new single from This Years Winner Is.

'When In Rome' is the first single from the mini album, 'In At The Weekend' which will see its release in March. Whilst a video for the single will be filmed later this month.

In addition the band gave Alter The Press readers the following message about the single:

"Hey guys, this is our new single 'When In Rome' off our new CD 'In At The Weekend' streaming exclusively for the first time on Alter The Press.

'When In Rome' was written after our tour with Leucine last summer, about having an amazing time travelling the country with your best mates,
and not really wanting to come home, but getting home is always the best feeling. It was also the first song we wrote since Elliot joined the band.

One of my favourite memories of recording the EP was during 'When In Rome.' It was about half three in the morning and we were all absolutely knackered,
and Nick had an idea he wanted to try out, just before the breakdown crashes in he added a reverse fading in subdrop, and we were all just looking at each other and laughing like 'that is the best thing I have ever heard in my life!' ha. I think we ended up staying up til about six that morning just listening through to it over and over again! So listen out for that part haha!

Hope you enjoy it!


'In At The Weekend' Tracklisting

01. Raise The Stakes
02. Get Up For The Let Down
03. When In Rome
04. Hey Superstar
05. First Base In Third Person
06. I'm Everybodys Nobody
07. Onwards To Onchan

This Years Winner Is on MySpace and Facebook.

This Years Winner Is are currently looking for shows:
Laurence Crookall: +447624246245
Ben Wilde: +447624419065

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