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Live Review: My Chemical Romance, The Blackout and LostAlone - Capital FM Arena, Nottingham - 19/2/2011

Whilst previous tours has been built around the bands theatrics, My Chemical Romance have took a regular rock show approach this time round and the bands tour support emphasis this point. LostAlone have the somewhat difficult position of opening, however with a packed out arena, the bands classic-rock influenced style comes across well with riffs that suit the setting and on the whole leave a good impression.

The Blackout step up to the plate of playing in an arena setting in abundance, with their set list consisting of old tracks such as 'It's High Tide Baby', 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (I Don't Care)' and 'Children of the Night' and newer numbers like 'Ambition Is Critical'. As always frontmen Sean Smith and Gavin Butler bounce off each other very well, both vocally and charisma; something that especially adds to the bands set. Overall an pleasing set that exceeds expectations and deservedly warms up the crowd for the headliners.

For a majority of tonights fans, My Chemical Romance can do no wrong. Kicking off with the infectious 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)', the arena erupts into a party-like atmosphere and from their in the New Jersey group are in their stride. From old 'classics' like 'Give 'Em Hell, Kid' to 'Our Lady of Sorrows' to the techno-esque 'Planetary (GO!)' and recent single, 'Sing' it quickly comes clear that the band are more than comfortable on a large stage and are more than willing to let the music speak for itself this time.

Newer tracks; 'Vampire Money' and 'Summertime' are more impressionable in a live setting, with the latter being an 80's-tinged pop-rock number that is a contrast to the former; an all-out punk rock number.

As expected its the bands biggest "hits" that get the "MCRmy" into a frenzy. You can't help but find yourself singing in unison to 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)', 'Helena' and 'Welcome To The Black Parade' but in comparison tracks like 'The Ghost Of You' and 'Cancer' are slightly sluggish and slow the bands momentum.

Nevertheless you can't fault My Chemical Romance; they have the songs and confidence to back up any hype and success they've had, and tonight is very much evident of this. Gerard Way and company leave crowd interaction to a minimum and rightly so, as they now have a strong back catalog to let their music talk, rather then put emphasis on any gimmicks or theatrics they had done previously.

Sean Reid

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