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We Came As Romans Studio Update

We Came As Romans are currently working on new material with producer Joey Sturgis.

Guitarist Joshua Moore gave the following update.

"After the tour (Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour) ended on February 11th, we went home for a few days and entered the studio on the 16th. We came right back to Foundation Recording Studio to record our second full length with Joey Sturgis (again). During the first week of being here we really focused on taking the songs and sculpting them to how we wanted the album to sound as a whole, not just how we wanted each particular song to sound. With how much we were on the road the past six months (two headliners, Europe, and Australia), it's been so hard to really focus on details like that because I very rarely write on the road. When we were at home, we spent as much time as possible with our family and friends, as well as some time to just wind down. It was much needed time spent here in the studio, really focusing on our music as a complete album. We started on drums yesterday and to ensure that this stays an "update" rather than a novel, I’ll leave you guys with that!"

Alter The Press!