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Album Review: The American Scene - By Way of Introduction

From the opening moments of 'By Way of Introduction' you realize The American Scene are very confident in what they do and rightly so as this debut record certainly needs to be heard. The Berkeley, CA group have produced a superb, flowing record that resonates with positivity.

'Did You Hear About Your Friends In California' and 'Last Chopper Out Of Saigon' settle the tone for the rest of the album, with the bands feel-good indie pop-rock strongly being established. Whilst the obvious comparison to the likes of the Starting Line and The Dangerous Summer quickly becomes apparent, you still can't help but enjoy what The American Scene have produced.

Tracks like 'Home' and 'Killed Off In The Second Act' continues the bands radiant sound that balances out between a slick pop-rock sound and one of an sensible mature band. Whilst 'Marty McFly, Nostradamus, and I' is a slightly slower with its structure being the main factor, as Matthew Vincent's vocals take over the band slick, tight sound.

Its really hard to pick fault with 'By Way of Introduction,' because despite the bands lack of distinctive variation and the easy comparisons to other bands, The American Scene have made a huge statement. Its a record that leaves you stunned, as the band have perfectly crafted each song as best as possible. It flows incredibly easily and by the time you reach the airy conclusion of 'A Million Minutes In The Making,' you can't help but hit repeat.


'By Way of Introduction' by The American Scene is released on March 8th through Pure Noise.

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Sean Reid

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