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Album Review: The Frustrators - Griller EP

The Frustrators’ 'Griller' EP is a punk EP that keeps the classic punk sensibilities and never gets old. One of the best features of “Griller” is the short run time. 4 tracks that span just 11.5 minutes, 'Griller' is short, interesting, and gets to the point.

'Griller' is 4 tracks of good old punk rock that will keep you coming back for more. The opening track, ‘Stigma’ is a great, straight-forward track that is laid back and will keep you interested. ‘West of Texas (Pt. 2)’ is a great track that layers some power chords with a catchy vocal melody and an awesome guitar solo. While ‘Stigma’ sounds more akin to newer Rancid or Green Day material, ‘West of Texas’ sounds like a cousin to some of The Cure’s material.

‘Prettiest Girl’ follows up ‘West of Texas’ with a little bit more subdued sound and is possibly this listener’s favorite out of the bunch. It’s definitely the one that I kept coming back to. Last, but certainly not least, is the extremely awesome closing track ‘We need to talk, (It’s not you, it’s us)’.

The Frustrators’ 'Griller' EP finds its greatness in the diversity of sound across the four tracks and how ridiculously catchy those tracks are. Listeners won’t mind having to push play every eleven and a half minutes; They’ll be excited to hear these four great tracks over and over.


'Griller EP' by The Frustrators is available now on Adeline Records.

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Landon Peterson

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